Sometimes Life Sucks! – Adult Coloring Book: I Color To Keep From Choking You (Coloring For Relaxation)


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Coloring has always been a way of relaxing me since I was a kid. It provided hours of quiet time that I could just de-stress and take my mind off of anything that was bothering me. So why not use this same de-stressing technique as an adult?

Sometimes Life Sucks – Adult Coloring Book will help you do that by providing 50+ beautiful designs. Choose a Mandala, Frame, Animal or some of the designs with words. With over 50 you will definitely find something you like!

How would you like to color a design at work that says: My Boss Sucks or It’s legal to choke you before I’ve had my coffee. There are many more that are sure to please so get your copy today and buy one for a friend!

Sometimes Life Sucks – Adult Coloring Book is a fun book to pick up when you need to de-stress or just something to make the time past. Anything that will keep you from choking that annoying co-worker or spouse.

ALSO TRY Volume 2: ASIN: 0967979552

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