Mastering Equations – Volume I : Linear Equation: The Self-Teaching Guide with Solved examples and practice workbook for One Step/Multi … (Smart Math Tutoring Workbook Series)



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This book has been designed to master all types of linear equations with integral and fractional coefficients. Equations are the heart of Algebra skills which has to be conceptually very strong. Author has seen students struggling a lot to understand the basics of solving equations; that’s why she has designed step by step solving equations from easy to difficult level so students find smoother transitions while solving difficult equations too. Practice problems divided in to four different sections to ensure step by step learning:

  • One step equation
  • Multistep equations
  • Equations with variable on both sides
  • System of equations

Key benefits of practicing this book:

  • Multiple solved examples help to understand steps involved in solving Algebraic equations
  • Enough number of practice problems in each section to develop proficiency
  • Build confidence and get mastery over linear equations with integral and fractional coefficient
  • Answer key is at end of book helping parents/students to quickly validate
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