hand2mind Student Balance, Plastic Fulcrum Scale to Teach Mass & Measurement, Basic Economical Balance Scale for Kids



Price: $8.95
(as of Jun 19,2021 05:39:44 UTC – Details)

Provide every student in your class with this inexpensive, accurate weighing tool! Sturdy, 12″-long fulcrum red balance features 3 1/2″-diameter recessed pans to prevent weights and materials from shifting. Compensator clips make calibration easy.

Include 1 red balance – measure 12 inch fulcrum and 3. 5 inch pan for smaller items.
Perfect for exploring basic measurement concepts and activities
Compensator clips make calibration easy
Tactile way to introduce mass and measurement
Plastic is durable and easy to clean – Ideal for hands on learning for classroom or home

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