Dry Erase White Board Sheets 2×3 feet | GeckoPadz Static Cling On Any Surface Without Adhesive | Great for Home Office and Teacher Supplies | 20 Whiteboard Sheets Per Roll



Price: $59.95 - $49.95
(as of Jun 15,2021 19:40:49 UTC – Details)

“””Introducing the White Board 2.0!

GeckoPadz static cling dry erase sheets are everything you love about whiteboards in a portable, stick them anywhere form. Made for the teacher, student, creative and professional looking to turn any wall into a dry erase whiteboard surface.

These super sticky dry erase contact paper sheets use static electricity to cling on any surface without glue! They stick to any wall including brick, cement, glass, cloth, wood, plastic and more!

Each dry erase sheet has two sides giving you double the surface area compared to a giant post it note pad wall.

The electro static cling allows you to make any surface interactive. Easily pop up, move, and slide white board paper across surface with a drag and drop feel.

GeckoPadz are double sided and each sheet is full adhesive. Unlike large post it notes wall pads that are sticky on one side only, these dry erase sheets stick on both sides.

Designed for teachers, students, creatives, planners, presenters and anyone seeking to organize ideas. Essential as teachers supplies for classroom and a great classroom wish list item! Organize your to do list, activities, ideas, project and more.

Use GeckoPadz for:
Classroom Activities
School Student Exercises
Office Brainstorming
Calendar Whiteboard
College Studying
To Do List

GeckoPadz are ideal for:
Classroom Supplies
Office Supplies
Homeschool Supplies
College Supplies for Students
White Board Stickers for Wall

Turn any flat surface into a dry erase white board:

Pack includes 20 individual whiteboard sheets
Size 2.0 x 2.75 feet”
TURN ANY SURFACE INTO A WHITEBOARD WALL; Take your brainstorm anywhere with these portable white board sheets. Create, present, and collaborate anywhere with GeckoPadz dry erase roll up whiteboards.
STRONG STATIC CLING ON WITH NO ADHESIVE OR RESIDUE; GeckoPadz use a powerful static electric cling on to stick with no glue and do not leave behind any sticky residue. Great for turning any surface at home, office, and classroom into a creative white board wall.
GREAT FOR HOME OFFICE & TEACHER SUPPLIES; These dry erase sheets static cling on any surface including brick, cloth, glass, chalk boards, desk, doors, windows, screens and more. Perfect for home office, agile scrum board, classrooms, and teachers.
PLACE, SLIDE & MOVE EASILY; GeckoPadz are easy to place, slide and move across any surface. Turn any wall, fridge, door, window, desk, screen and more into a dry erase whiteboard surface.
TWO SIDED & LONG LASTING STICK; Two sides give you more surface area compared to large post it wall pads. Use them for educational exercises, agile scrum, brainstorming, presenting, and collaborating.

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