180 Days of High-Frequency Words for Second Grade – Learn to Read Second Grade Workbook – Improves Sight Words Recognition and Reading Comprehension for Grade 2, Ages 7 to 9 (180 Days of Practice)


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The ‘180 Days of High-Frequency Words’ offers a purposeful, daily practice that will engage 2nd-grade students throughout the school year. Crafted to promote both fun and learning, the interactive activities provide children an ideal environment to focus on reading, writing, and spellings. Great for homeschooling or learning in classrooms, these workbooks also help kids retain educational knowledge during the summer or stay-at-home learning.

  1. Includes standards-based activities, easy-to-follow instructions, and an answer key to quickly assess student understanding. The format of the week is to: introduce the words, recognize the words, play with the words, use the words, and write the words.
  2. The words provided in this practice book makeup “65% of written material”, used daily to craft even the simplest written sentence.
  3. The book is divided into 36 weeks, with five days of activities per week. Each week, students are introduced to three high-frequency words, and every page is aligned to phonics skills and word recognition skills.
  • COMPREHENSIVE WORKBOOKS: 180 days of reading, writing, and spelling; designed to practice key skills, demonstrate understanding, and build confidence for 2nd-graders
  • INDIVIDUALIZED LEARNING: Modeled after Fry’s 1000 instant words with repetitive structure assesses children’s unique learning abilities, improves sight words recognition, and identifies their strengths and weaknesses
  • ALIGNS WITH EDUCATION STANDARDS: Packed with engaging activities to help students flourish and thrive in 2nd-grade. Aligned to state, national, and College & Career Readiness standards 
  • IDEAL FOR HOMESCHOOLING: Designed for parents and teachers of kids of ages 7–9, to provide daily practice to young scholars at home or online 
  • CREATED BY TEACHERS: TCM develops innovative and imaginative educational materials for students and teachers worldwide to make teaching more effective and learning more fun

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180 Days of Practice, High-Frequency Words WorkBook for Kids180 Days of Practice, High-Frequency Words WorkBook for Kids

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180 Days of High-Frequency Words Workbook

2nd Grade (216 Pages)

The ‘180 Days of High-Frequency Words’ workbook gives 2nd graders purposeful, daily practice with the high-frequency words they’ll use for the rest of their life. With daily worksheets that offer kids fun ways to learn words, their meanings, and how to use them, this workbook was designed to build students’ confidence in reading and writing. Build a daily routine of learning with this workbook and get the fun lessons and encouragement to stick with it for the entire school year.

Written by 2nd grade teachers to mix fun and repetition

Structured, standards-based learning that builds children’s vocabulary and confidence

Daily worksheets and assignments for the entire school year

Easy grading that parents, teachers, and tutors love


TCM help teachers do what they do best – reach, teach, and inspire students everywhere




Perfect for at-home learners with problem-solving units that build daily and weekly throughout the entire school year

Builds a routine of daily problem-solving practice with material that complements lessons learned in school

2nd-grade activities and lessons that are quick to complete and grade – leaving more time for intervention and differentiation


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